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  Testimonials and Reviews

Be sure to check around the internet for blogs and forums that discuss Vidsonix product.

¥ "I just wanted you guys to know how amazed I was at the quality of the center speaker I received. I don't know how you do it but keep up the fantastic work with near perfect sound. I am telling everyone I know of the quality you guys are producing. Thanks again!" - lwillela - eBay.

  ¥ "Today the FEDEX driver met me at the front door so I could sign for my crossover box.  Looks like a winner to me, and will save a LOT of time tweaking my crossovers. I read Nelson Pass' article in [audioXpress] awhile back and it always
seemed like a great idea.  Thanks!" - D. Staggs

¥ "Speakers look great...You guys are responsive, helpful, and affordable, qualities you don't find often these days. I appreciate your time and assistance." - biggiej883 - eBay.

¥ "I am very pleased with these speakers. I am using them as supplements to a pair of Kilpsch VF-15 units in a rear surround application, and they hold their own, which is a pleasant surprise. I own several different kinds of speakers, and these perform as well as any of the others that I have. Thanks, and happy holidays." [Reference to JungleRoc bookshelf speakers] - smerdyakov - eBay

¥ "I can not express my appreciation enough. Thank for for shipping this item out as quickly as you did as I desperately needed this item...I will highly recommend you to everyone I know." - L. Glenn - eBay

¥ "Thanks so much for all of your help! You guys are amazing!" - Ari Tenzer, FL

¥ "In a word "WOW", this thing rocks.  I hooked it up last night with my Berxxxger 12-inch, 2-way 550-watt speakers and finally got the sound out of my PA that I was wanting.  The Berxxxgers are nice, but lacked the rich bass I was hoping for (even though I suspected they didn't have enough low end based on their specs).  Anyway, the sub I got from you made all the difference in the world.  I sat out in my yard for 5 hours last night running it through it's paces and am 100% happy with it.  Once I get all my recent purchases paid off I may pick up another one just like it.  Thanks a million for such a great product at an affordable price.  I run concerts during the summertime for an organization called Friends of Nolin Lake (website www.friendsofnolinlake.org) and am now confident that we'll have the best sound possible in a small venue setting, thanks to you.  Looking forward to showing off my new toy. - Chester Guy, KY

¥ "Thanks....I will probably be picking up another Sub soon and will definitely buy from
you guys. Awesome Tech support." - Tom Franks, FL

¥ "Just got the rock speakers you sent. They sound GREAT! Rocks are realistic-looking and will blend seamlessly in my yard. Extra cord is a great advantage. Thanks for the wonderful product; it is everything you advertised and your price was very reasonable for what I got. I set them up outside and they sound even better. You should expand your advertising on this product to include how good the sound is. Most everyday stereo listeners would find the sound quality to be excellent." -  Larry Burns, CA

¥ "Charlie, just have to say speakers are great. Wish you had a non powered plastic sub available that I could drive with 1000 watts. I'd buy'em if the quality is the same as what I've just purchased. Thanks" - Tommy Cole, IN

¥ "Back at you my friend.  BTW, I like your list of satisfied customers, and I have to agree those 8" monitors may just be the best musical purchase I have ever made, Bravo. I anxiously await the new designs." - Tony Marchese, FL

¥ "Just got the amp and rig to finish setting up the speakers on my '07 Mean Streak.....AWESOME!!!!!!! Sound and appearance are FANTASTIC!!!! -
- bubba-t-stump, NC

¥ "There is simply no better value than what Vidsonix provides for Live
Stage Applications, be it for Mains or Monitors. Vidsonix Cabinets
sounds amazing, are reliable, and easy to work with. I've been a
customer for years and the stuff keeps getting better. I use 4
Vidsonix 12" based Cabinets for my monitors, and the artists I support
always comment on how good they sound, and that they can finally
"hear" themselves. I now have 6, but won't sell my extra cabinets,
there are just too many ways they can be used. (My extra pair is now
in my home studio as my monitors!)" - Brian Pierce, Cylinder Sound, PA

¥ "Thanks again, you guys and your speakers rock!  Love your products." - Bill Ladwig. MO

¥ "I played a great gig last night in a long narrow room that was packed. I used two Apollo's for frontals and your little carpeted 8 inch monitors. Those all sound awesome with my Yamaha EMX-312 powered dual amp mixer. You would surely be impressed with the sound if you were up on stage with us. I play acoustic guitar through them and run two vocal mikes. I get a lot of compliments on this little system that sounds full and throws far enough. Those little monitors are very cool and they are sounding clean and crisp!!!!!!. - Delbert Walling, MI

¥ "Thanks again for Outstanding customer service !!" - Denise Halliday, FL

¥ "Charlie, I just received the speakers today & installed them tonight.  They work great!  Thanks for your help with my original inquiries, right through to getting the speakers shipped.  I really appreciated your help & service." - Glenn Stevanus, Canada

¥ "-- Holy Cow Lightening fast shipping....Price was right.....Speakers are FREAKINFANTABULOUS!!!!!....My neighbors might think we are having a party every night out at the pool......I wanted to leave feedback for you but sale didn't show up in my ebay>>>.THANK YOU SO MUCH - Beth Erany

Got my new Vidsonix.  Blown away.  Gonna by 2 more to use a floor monitors just gotta sell two PxxxxEs first.  Great!" J.B. Davis, CA

 ¥ "The Nova X12 pair arrived this week. I've been working with them, they sound great as PA or for keyboards (tough thing to do).  They sound bigger than their size lets on.  Glad to have 'em.  I'll be in touch soon. Thanks for the great service." - John Espostio, IL

¥ "...thanks a million,these speakers are everybit as good as mackie & JBL and I love them, thanks again and happy holidays" - Steve Henken, FL

  We wish to thank all of our customers for their continued support.  Vidsonix customers are freak'n AWESOME!  


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